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Distressed Property? Heading for foreclosure? Need fast cash? Divorce? – WE CAN HELP!



Our team here at Ferro Development can make the process of selling your unwanted property a hassle-free, quick, and painless process… We and our team have been buying and redeveloping houses and old buildings, for a number of years, here in the greater-Boston area, as well as rural parts of Massachusetts! We can make you a quick offer and pay cash for your property- there’s no waiting for mortgage approvals, waiting for offers, or anything like that for you to have to deal with…
We are real estate investors / developers looking to buy unwanted properties for cash!.

We typically look to buy at a price below market value- we only look at deals that are up to between 50% or more of the ARV (After Repair Value), for cash/hard-money, PAID-IN-FULL, upon closing, and we can usually close very quickly (typically within 2-4 weeks from day of offer).

We are an experienced team of real estate development-and-investment professionals, as well as former-realtors, who understand the industry well, and we also know and understand how much placing a house on the market and “wishing, hoping, and praying” for an offer can be very time-consuming, stressful, and frustrating- especially if you’re in need of quick funds, cannot keep up with caring for an unwanted property, and/or simply just want it “out of your hair!…”
In many cases, people often really need to sell their home quickly because of divorce, a job-relocation, retirement, looming foreclosure, or simply because they cannot afford to update/renovate a home that’s in serious disrepair and/or even uninhabitable… We understand these situations well and we can help!

The first step in selling your unwanted property to us: simply fill out our short contact form here on our homepage (or see below)… We don’t ask for much information, just the basics: your name, property location, as much detail as possible on the property, as well as photos, and any other related pertinent details that might be of help to us. Once we receive your info, we will quickly contact you to arrange a meeting to see your house and answer your questions about selling your home. At that point we can begin evaluating your house in order to make a quicks cash offer…

With the business model that we have in place, we’ve facilitated the cash-sale homes at a discount, in order to renovate them for resale, so this is a “win-win-win” situation; You walk away with cash in-hand, we walk away with a sound investment, and in the end, someone new (a traditional buyer) ends up with a newly-refurbished property (in many cases it’s also going towards improving the real estate market in a community).

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Many people can see the advantages of working with us, over a traditional sale.
When we buy your property, you get:

* Cash for your home.
* Payment of closing costs in most instances.
* Purchase of the house “as is,” we don’t ask for repairs.
* Usually a Fast closing.


Properties that are:

– Vacant
– In Uninhabitable / Unlivable Condition
– Too expensive to repair /rebuild (tear-downs)
– Unwanted Inheritances (Probates)
– Pre-foreclosures (or “Distressed”)

We are looking to buy properties that we can be purchased below market value- Needs to be discounted between 80-90% below Retail-price/ ARV, (i.e. “Investor-friendly” deals)…

– Closings are fast (usually within 2-4 weeks from day of offer). . .
– Cash Paid-In-Full, upon-closing…





Fill out our contact form after clicking “contact us” in the above menu (or simply write us an email directly at and we’ll get started! (feel free to browse the rest of our website to get a sense of what we do, as well as our other services we offer!)- There’s absolutely no obligation for us to visit your house and make you an offer. If we purchase your home, you will have cash in your hands, quickly, hassle-free! Our goal is your 100% satisfaction and peace-of-mind!
We look forward to hearing from you and to working with you!


Warm regards,


– The Ferro Development Team!



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  1. KATHY REYES says:

    I am interested in selling my home located at 250 Belmont Ave, Brockton, very large home with potential of multifamily conversion.


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