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Robert Ferro / Ferro Development, LLC

Ferro Development, LLC 

FERRO DEVELOPMENT, LLC  – Residential Rehabs and Sales





We are a small real estate investment group that consists of licensed construction professionals, property managers, a professional photographer/drone operator, and a seasoned Massachusetts real estate broker (Robert Ferro).

Right now, we’re consistently searching for the deals (both on and off-market) and currently, we’re mainly seeking single and multi-family rehabs to fix up and re-sell on the open market to make our returns on each deal. We’re primarily looking for deals around the Hampshire area of MA, (Springfield, Westfield, Blanford areas- closer to the CT line).

Our ultimate goal will be to grow and expand enough to where our company will be able to purchase, fix up, and re-sell larger residential, industrial and commercial buildings (such as full apartment complexes, hotels, and commercial business buildings).

If you have a property you’re looking to sell off-market quickly (for cash), we can close within 30 days or less. Accepted offers are only contingent on lender appraisal and 7-day home inspection (for informational purposes only), and subject to “clear and marketable title.”

Call, Text, or email:

Ph#: (508)494-3194 / (508)934-7332



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20 responses to “Ferro Development, LLC ”

  1. Kathleen Hoffman says:

    I am interested in working for you on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Any particular areas you are working on?
    Kathy Hoffman
    603-819-9168 cell

  2. Ples Banks says:


    Please send me more information about your property scout program.


  3. Olatunji Awofeso says:

    The Manager.
    F E R R O Development.

    I saw your details on the internet.
    Kindly provide me more details about your [ Finders Fee Program ].
    Are you seeking for [ Off Market ] Properties in the whole of USA?

    What is your [ Target Price ]?
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    O O O Awofeso.

  4. mark hume says:

    Hey guys just found property in attleboro bank/owner short sale .04 acre possible teardown 4car garage also 3bedroom large yard 90 thou tax assessed 175 thou if this is kind of property you migh be interested in I have contact number more property info This is my first attempt to find you a property,so let me know if I am on the right track thank you can contact me at or call 508-533-1283

  5. Tom McHugh Sr says:

    Hello Team Ferro, I ran across your Bio on Linkedn where I have been membered
    up there for a few years.. Along with connected investors..

    I’m retired from the real world.. And have been bird-dogging nationwide, And for the
    last 3 years I have been a independent marketing associate for a very large wholesaler.

    A Quick note, that I am based in Massachusetts also.. And know all the in’s and out’s
    of the type property your looking for to invest in.. to rehab flip or hold.. !

    With the wholesaler who’s name I won’t mention at present.. I have at one time
    managed to get 3 homes sold in one month by my marketing..
    I have access to over 500+ rehabs and they are all owned by the this Wholesaler…
    Now I know these type homes are not your top priority to make a profit on… But still
    there are some really good deals at 35/50% below ARV…and they are all Non MLS
    Listed and private.. !

    So if you decide to send more details, I’d like to give your program a shot ! I also
    have 1000’s of investors and cash buyers in my own personal data base nationwide…
    And quite a few also right here in Ma.

    The 10% is Intriguing as I work now for a flat fee regardless of end sale price.

    Thanks For Reading !
    Tom Mchugh Sr
    Spencer Ma 01562

  6. P. Williams says:

    Please send me info regarding your finders program

  7. Eva Brown says:

    Please send more information .

  8. carl says:

    would you be interested in buying properties in florida if so please give me a call at 8505771212 thank you look forward to hearing from you soon.

  9. Charley says:

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    you, just search in google:
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  10. Hello My name is Boyd, I am interested in your finding fee, property scout and your researchers positions. Please send me each one so I can make an intelligent decision. Let me know all details concerning these positions. I would like to work from home in this field. I am in a secured facility and I have a secretary Karen Dinsmore who live in Olathe, KS, who will be working with me. Please call me at (620) 285-4660 ext . 1. I am looking forward to talk with you soon. Sincerely, Boyd Huntington111

  11. Keith says:

    Do you need property locaters in s.c.?what are you looking for?send me info
    Thank . Keith

  12. brett turner says:

    Hi i,m very interested in a Part time Job as a Property Scout . I live in California , walnut creek , please reply asap by brett turner

  13. Courtney says:

    Hi! I’m very interested in your finders fee program and the requirements to join. Please send me more info. I live here in Texas and would like to know if I need a real estate license to do this? Thanks For Your help.

  14. Ginny Mayeux says:

    I am a real estate agent in Slidell Louisiana, and this sounds like something I would
    Really be interested in doing.

  15. Robert Janes says:

    I would be interested in locating properties in Jefferson, Bullitt, & Nelson Counties of Kentucky for you. Please let me know if you are interested.

    Thank You
    Robert Janes
    2580 Old Nazareth Rd
    Bardstown, KY 40004

  16. Ginny mayeux says:

    I would be very much interested in doing this for you.
    Please send more information as to the areas you are interested in.

  17. Robert Janes says:

    I have some properties here in Kentucky That you might be interested In!!!

  18. Brenda Willis says:


    Please send me information on your property scout. I like to become one.
    Thank You

  19. Videl Seymour says:

    I’m interested in becoming a property scout please send me info to my email or contact me directly @ 815-670-8998 thanks Videl

  20. Videl Seymour says:

    I’m interested in becoming a property scout please send me info to my email or contact me directly @ 815-670-8898 thanks Videl

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